What You Want to Know About Kidney Stones

If you have questions about kidney stones, what causes them, how to treat them, and how to prevent them, then you've come to the right place! When I had kidney stones, I went online to find information. Unfortunately, much of the information I found was confusing or just plain wrong. One of my strengths is research, so I went looking for the right answers and found them. I learned what to do to deal with the pain of kidney stones, how to pass them safely and (most importantly!) how to avoid kidney stones.

You will find information about symptoms of kidney stones, kidney stone pain, causes of kidney stones, kidney stone treatment and much more.

Kidney stones can be very painful and difficult. And once you have had kidney stones, it is likely that you will have them again. In addition to information about traditional and home remedies for kidney stones, you will also learn how to prevent future kidney stones. Kidney stones are not an experience you will want to repeat!

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Natural Kidney Cleanse

We need our kidneys to flush out certain chemicals and other unnecessary things from our blood. Sometimes the filters within your kidneys get clogged with these chemicals over time. This may increase chances to develop illnesses such as kidney stones or disease like nephritis.

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No More Kidney Stones – Book Review

Anyone can suffer from kidney stones, but there are people who are particularly at risk of developing stones. is a book that will help you understand the causes and provide you with the information you need to make the right dietary and lifestyle choices in order to eliminate painful kidney stones forever. Written by Dr. […]

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Kidney Stones Pain Relief

While there are several reasons for kidney stone development, finding relief from kidney stone pain is the focus here. You can use a mixture of home treatments and medical therapies to ease the symptoms as you wait for the stone to pass. Consider the following ways of getting relief from kidney stone pain:

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How To Pass Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are lumps of minerals formed from urine. These look like crystals. Depending on the size of the kidney stones, they can be passed either naturally or through medical intervention.

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Symptoms Of A Kidney Stone

Patients who suffer from kidney stones often compare the pain to the pangs of childbirth! The pain attacks are excruciating and can continue for hours at a time. Knowing kidney stone symptoms is essential to recognize and seek timely medical involvement. Below is a list of kidney stone symptoms:

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How Long Does It Take To Pass A Kidney Stone?

Kidney stones are defined as formation of crystals through the minerals found in urine. Usually, smaller crystals get passed through urine but when these smaller crystals join together, they form a bigger kidney stone. The bigger kidney stones are problematic and may have severe health repercussions. No treatment is necessary for passing smaller kidney stones […]

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Types of Kidney Stones

There are four types of kidney stones. Each type has different causes and may be treated differently. Here is a description of the four types of kidney stones:

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Kidney Stones and Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is often recommended to prevent (and even to help treat) urinary tract infections. If it is good for kidney infections, is cranberry juice also recommended to prevent or treat kidney stones?

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