Kidney Stones Pain Relief

While there are several reasons for kidney stone development, finding relief from kidney stone pain is the focus here. You can use a mixture of home treatments and medical therapies to ease the symptoms as you wait for the stone to pass. Consider the following ways of getting relief from kidney stone pain:

1. Painkillers – The pain can be unbearable. While you can buy over the counter painkilling medicines, you may find that the pain killers available at your local pharmacy are not adequate to relieve the pain of kidney stones. Your doctor may be able to prescribe stronger painkillers. However, the painkillers only relieve a symptom; a permanent solution entails passing the kidney stones naturally or having them surgically removed.

2. Water – Drink lots and lots of water daily. Water consumption increases urine formation and helps the passage of smaller kidney stones. Drink all the water you can hold, then drink some more. Adding lemon juice to the water may be beneficial, as many people believe that the acid in the lemon juice helps to dissolve the kidney stones.

3. Heat and Vibration – Use a heating pad (preferably moist heat) on your lower back and abdomen to help reduce pain. And, although this may seem counter-intuitive, applying a vibrating massager to your lower back over the kidney area can relieve pain. I didn’t believe it either, but it worked for me.

4. Reflexology – Alternative medical therapies believe that our body pressure points most reside in our feet. Reflexology is the art of relieving tension by applying pressure over requisite points in our feet. This method increases blood flow to bladder and kidney, and thus reduces pain, too.

5. Dietary Changes – Avoid eating spicy and oily food. These may increase kidney stone pain and induce a burning sensation in the abdomen. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Seek medical help immediately in case of severe pain.